can we help your community?

What is your vision?

Every community has different goals for water safety.  The Lifeguard Outreach Society can send our teams of swimming and first aid instructors to volunteer in your community to meet those goals. 

A community driven programming.

Our team wants to be your partners in drowning prevention for your community.  Local knowledge and priorities drive effective programming.  Is your community interested in youth learning first aid skills or young children learning swimming skills?  We work together with local community leaders prevent drownings on a community to community basis. 

How long are lessons?

Our team will visit a community for 2 or 3 days to run lessons. Our team will run aquatic lessons as well as first aid lessons.  Swimming survival lessons run for one and half hours per group of swimmers.  We are mainly limited by water temperature.  We can run multiple lesson sets during our stay to meet different age and activity groups in the community. 

What is the cost.

Our team of volunteers will arrive in your community no matter where you are located. We ask for communities to cover our travel, food, and accommodation .  We are happy to camp, sleep in community centers, to be billeted, or any accommodation set up really.  We are always excited to participate in community gatherings and are open to different options for feeding our team.  Mainly the largest expense to the community is travel.  Travel to some communities costs a tank of gas up the highway, while others require an airplane.  Working together we can make sure drowning prevention lessons will happen no matter any geographic or economic  limitations.

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Community Involvement

So many of the communities we have partnered with are living near lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Please make sure to connect with us and tell us your vision for water safety and first aid and how we can be a partner with your community.