Drowning Prevention Our team would like to be partners in drowning prevention with your community. At the core of the Outreach Society are dedicated swimming instructors and lifeguards excited to share their passion.
Basic Survival Swimming Swim 50 meters Tread water for 60 Seconds Recover from an unexpected fall into a body of water Lifesaving and Water Safety Skills Lifejacket safety How to rescue others from drowning without becoming a victim too. The dangers of open water First Responder Skills Perform CPR Use an AED Clear an obstructed airway Put a victim into the recovery position We want to work with community members to adapt all survival swimming programs to be geographically and locally meaningful. Please work with our team to adapt all training to reflect the vision your community has for water safety. How long are lessons? Our team will visit a community for 2 or 3 days to run aquatic and first aid lessons. Swimming survival lessons run for one and half hours per group of swimmers. We are mainly limited by water temperature and teach a portion of wet and dry skills. Multiple lesson sets can be scheduled during our stay to meet different age and activity group needs in your community. Community driven programming. Our team wants to partner with your community in drowning prevention. Local knowledge and community priorities drive effective programming. Is your community interested in youth learning first aid skills or young children learning swimming skills? We work together with local community leaders to prevent drownings on a community by basis. Take a look at other programming we can include during our trip to your community. REGISTER SWIMMING Learn More FIRST AID Learn More LIFE-SKILLS Learn More HARM REDUCTION Learn More Lifeguarding Learn More