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Swim to Survive Day runs free 2 hour lessons over the course of the day. Please pick one of the options. Ages 7 to 18 are welcome to participate.  Register Here 

Don't forget to bring a towel!

Make sure to show up early for registration and bring proper bathing attire. 

Swim to Survive Day

Survival Swimming

Swim to Survive Day is 100% free for participants. Learn how to survive an unexpected fall into water.  We teach disorienting entries, how to swim 50 meters, and treading water.  

Lifesaving Skills

Learn how to rescue others without becoming a victim too.  At Swim to Survive Day youth will learn aquatic  lifesaving skills, how put an unconscious person into the recovery position, how to perform CPR, and use an AED. 

Stay Safe This Sumeer

90% of children who drown are alone or with other children.  Its essential to teach children swimming survival skills, self rescue, and lifesaving skills. Swim to Survive Day highlights the vulnerability of children. 

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