OUR MISSION To promote public health in rural and isolated communities by delivering sustainable programming, training, and services that support healthy communities.
OUR WORK Isolated communities do not have easy access to countless public health services which exist in urban areas. The Lifeguard Outreach Society (LGOS) will form a team of professionals to travel to one or more partner communities to offer programming, specialized training, and services. Communities choose what services they are interested and help us adapt them to meet local needs to support their unique vision for public health. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 our team has focused on offering survival swimming, first aid, and lifesaving services. The Outreach Society will be focusing on three main areas of Public Health this 2018 season:
 Drowning Prevention and Lifesaving Community Building Harm Reduction First Aid For each focus area we work closely with an implementation partner organization to deliver underwritten programming to isolated communities. Every community is unique and has different goals for us to meet. On a community-to-community and nation-to-nation basis we will work with our partner communities to create a unique collection of training our team will provide during the late Spring and Summer seasons. Please take a look at the the programs we offer or connect with us to discuss your unique training needs.